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The ParkingMate App was developed by a small Tech ‘Start up’ We’re based in Florida in the US. Our Developers are made up of skilled App professionals from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

We experienced the frustrations of securing affordable parking spaces to attend meetings, sporting and music events including shopping too.

We believe we offer a useful solution for individuals looking for convenient and affordable parking options.

It could potentially help alleviate parking congestion in busy areas and provide an additional income source for driveway owners.

We considered several factors during the development phase and launch. Firstly, we needed to develop a user-friendly mobile application that allows users to search for available driveways in their desired location.

The app should provide detailed information about each driveway, such as pricing, availability, and any additional amenities.

Additionally, we wanted to establish a secure payment system to facilitate transactions between drivers and

driveway owners. This has required implementing robust security measures to protect users’ financial information.

We hope you enjoy using ParkingMate and the wonderful opportunity to make passive income and the value in finding more affordable parking options for your vehicle, boat or RV.