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Make passive income by renting your driveway or allocated parking space

Parking Mate offers a unique opportunity to make passive income from an asset you own. Like your driveway or allocated parking space.

You can make money by offering ‘Drivers’ those parking spaces at a rate you set.

You keep 100% of the parking fee! Additionally, once you sign up
on our App. You can simply track your earnings and cash out
anytime via the App.

The Parking Mate App may offer you a great side hustle
opportunity. Make money and cash out anytime. 

We’re like Airbnb
for driveways.

Our basic features

Some of the best features Parking Mate

Advertise your driveway:

For just $1.99 per month. Advertise your private driveway or parking spot.

Make Passive income!

Make use of your assets! Peer to Peer Gig parking network globally.

Effortless schedule management:

Manage and audit your earnings. If you’re a driver manage your parking time and schedule bookings anywhere in the world.

Find secure parking easily!

No More Parking Issues. Avoid the hassle of Parking Garages. No need to tip. Peace of mind. Find parking anywhere.

How it Works:

  • Visit the App Store, search Parking Mate
  • Download and create a free account
  • List your driveway or allocated parking space
  • Receive bookings from Drivers searching for parking
  • Monitor your earning within the App
  • Cash out at anytime!

Need parking for yourself?

  • Search available parking spaces
  • Book, pay directly to ‘Driveway Host’

Parking Mate across the globe!

Parking Mate is designed to provide parking spaces to Drivers at a price point they can afford, while allowing  ‘Driveway Hosts’ to earn passive income by renting their Driveways or allocated parking spaces.

Drivers can customize their parking needs with options such as CCTV, Lock & Go, Wash & Go, Weekly vehicle start up.

‘Driveway Hosts’ can set your own pricing, monitor your earnings and ‘Cash out’ anytime!

  • No more parking issues
  • Avoid the hassle of Parking garages
  • No need to tip 
  • Peace of mind
  • Most of our ‘Driveway Hosts’ use security cameras, offer additional extras like…vehicle wash, vehicle start up & tune up!
  • Find parking ANYWHERE and CHEAPER!
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Find Parking, Provide Parking 

Be part of the Peer to Peer Gig Parking era 

Download the app now to experience the future of vehicle parking

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply download the app and create your Driver Account. Once approved, simply search where you need to park, reserve and pay.

Yes, in fact it’s the only way to pay. Once paid, your Space Provider will contact you directly. Don’t worry, funds are not made available to them until the transaction has been completed. We are not responsible for any transactions you do with Space Providers OUTSIDE the app.

Yes our App searches all states, towns and cities within the United States and Canada.

You simply search using a Google Geo Mapping service of available driveways and residential parking spaces available.